Automate Item Tracking Process Entirely

In order to properly serve their clients and manage their business operations, today’s e-commerce sellers need immediate and accurate status updates related to their inventories and to their customers’ orders for better item tracking process.

At PrepShipHub, we eliminate the inefficiencies associated with constantly providing e-commerce clients with status updates through a multi-step chain of communications by automating the entire tracking process. Whether your clients are Amazon sellers or they work in the online arbitrage area, they will benefit from the ability to directly track their own inventories and their clients’ orders through our solution’s unique feature.

Direct Access to Information

You understandably need to provide your clients with the best possible service, and this means that you need to empower them to best serve their own customers. Our 3PL solution eliminates a fractured and time-consuming chain of communications, and it gives sellers direct access to the information they need when they need it. To learn more about this exciting feature in our 3PL solution, reach out to our PrepShipHub team today.

Easy -To-Use Interfaces

Our PrepShipHub solution empowers sellers to utilize several easy-to-use interfaces to monitor the status of in-stock and shipped items. Product searches can quickly be completed through the solution using ASINs, SKUs, product titles and other search criteria. The desired items can be easily located by sellers, and they will then be able to see a status update for those items in real-time. Product status updates cover the full pipeline from in-stock inventory to shipment dates, expected delivery dates and reception of products by customers.