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Your business is your primary concern. Our SaaS gives you the ideal support to grow your business quickly without leaving any of the quality behind. You want your customers taken care of, and you need to manage the organizational flow on a larger scale quickly.

At PrepShipHub

At PrepShipHub, we offer the tools you need to compete in a larger market with total efficiency. We can facilitate packaging, labeling, and pick-pack-ship processes so that your e-commerce business functions without a hitch. Orders go from your website or portal, through our process, and out to your customer. We make your inventory management process intuitive, giving you the transparency you need to see where your business is in real-time, at all times.

What does that mean for your e-Commerce business?

Our Solutions

Our SaaS solution is intuitive and user-friendly, so you can be up and running right away. Everything is optimized for your eCommerce business, so there are no difficulties in fitting our solution into the way that your company works. PrepShipHub gives you a convenient expert solution that helps reduce your operational costs and improve your process.

Our solutions streamline inventory management, give you support for your prep and shipping process, help you track all of your inventory, and we improve accuracy. Our customers see an increase in productivity and efficiency that propels profits and decreases losses.

If you’ve been handling your own inventory through your own warehouses, see how our solutions might improve the process of your inventory and warehouse management.


You’re able to scale at a much faster rate. We offer 3PL solutions that you can trust as a part of your own organization. We prioritize your business the same way that you do.



PrepShipHub supercharges your capacity to stay agile and quickly fulfill customer orders with cloud-based, mobile integration for all of your e-commerce stores. Unlike other systems that track inventory more generally, the real power in PrepShipHub is being able to categorize all of your inventory for real, granular data and insight. This insight brings visibility to previously invisible inventory tracking issues, which gives you the power to solve those problems more efficiently, and to the satisfaction of your customers.

Gain total control over your inventory with PrepShipHub’s categorized inventory management system. Our customized, easy-to-use, cloud-based software gives you the power to track and organize your inventory into categories like FBA, FBM, forwarding, return, removal, dropship, B2B, on hold, and stranded (for Amazon sellers). PrepShipHub provides tracking prowess that spans warehouse locations and provides all the data points you need to easily reduce loss, increase productivity, and maximize your sales revenue.

Our Solutions

PrepShipHub empowers you to sort your products into the following categories:

  • Prep Inventory
  • FBM Inventory
  • Storage
  • Forwarding
  • Return
  • Removal Order
  • Deliverr
  • Dropship
  • B2B
  • Stranded (for Amazon Sellers)
  • On Hold

Within each of these categories, you can access customized features that give you more insight and control over each item, based on business needs. This enables you to track all items, increase operational efficiency, reconcile stocks and shipments and reconcile Amazon shipping batches.

That way, you can provide your customers with the most accurate, real-time data possible, all while gaining data insights that help you rapidly determine the best ways to reduce inventory losses, minimize costs and keep tabs on where products are all along the path.