They’ll Wish They Had Called You Sooner!

Your customers know the value of bundling and multi-packing to grow their businesses with Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). However, Amazon’s strict packing and shipping rules force many e-commerce business operators to pass up profitable opportunities. With PrepShipHub, you’ll have the tools that you need to inspect, prep, and ship – prepship these types of orders with speed and accuracy. This is just the confidence boost that your customers need to expand their operations and increase their sales volume with your FBA Prep center. They’ll wish they had called you sooner.

PrepShipHub Delivers Winning Inventory Planning Support

There are millions of sellers on Amazon, and it’s often difficult for your customers to differentiate their offerings in this crowded space.

For instance, if they sell clothing accessories, they’ll find that many others offer the same individual scarves, hats, and gloves. Instead of competing solely on price, your customers can create a custom listing with bundles and multipacks.

Bundles that contain color-coordinated scarves and hats have the potential to catch the eye of shoppers who are looking for convenience, style, and value. A multipack of sock pairings in wool, alpaca, and cashmere would potentially have the same impact.

However, your customers need more data to decide the content of their bundles and multipacks. With PrepShipHub your FBA Prep center can access data about best-selling items and goods that shoppers often buy together.

Data-driven decision-making is the key to success with FBA, and we can help

No Missed Deadlines With PrepShipHub

In competitive markets, timely order processing can mean the difference between making a sale and having a customer cancel an order. Having top-speed tools and processes in place is especially critical during seasonal periods and holidays.

PrepShipHub gives you state-of-the-art fulfillment center software that allows your team to seamlessly take orders from receiving and quickly proceed to inspections, labeling, packing, and shipping. FBA Prep center processing speed is especially critical for getting full profits from bundle and multipack orders related to prepship items.

When this process is done manually for bundles and multipacks, the risk of mislabeling or failing to remove old barcodes increases. When these items arrive at Amazon, they get rejected. The best-case scenario is that Amazon will label the items for the customer and charge them extra fees. With PrepShipHub, you don’t have to settle for any of these scenarios. Give your customers a solid reason to entrust their orders to your FBA Prep center with our enterprise software.

Slash Costly Errors With PrepShipHub

Mislabeling products for FBA results in delayed shipping and extra fees. A common problem is SKU labeling. Amazon requires that individual barcodes that have been placed on products by OEMs be taken off or hidden. SKU labels should be placed on the products’ packaging instead.

Trust PrepShipHub To Facilitate Responsive Communication

In an ideal business environment, inventory is carefully planned out, and there are few deviations from the plan. However, you know that updates and changes are a reality at FBA Prep centers.

A customer discovers that a stale inventory item can boost the sale of some other items when placed in a bundle. When she confirms her success, she instructs your center to immediately add two more of the stale inventory items to the bundle. Your FBA Prep center must be prepared to quickly add or subtract items by style and quantity, and that just can’t be done efficiently without some powerful software in your corner.

PrepShipHub delivers enterprise-level software solutions that allow your FBA Prep center teams to be highly responsive and agile when it comes to making changes to bundling and multi-packing shipments.

PrepShipHub’s cloud-based software solutions enable end-to-end automation that bring clarity to FBA processes. When FBA activities become more transparent to customers, innovative opportunities also become more apparent to them. Ready to turbo charge your FBA Prep center? Call us for a complete demo of our e-commerce fulfillment software suite.