All-in-one 3PL Solution with Location Assignment and Management

PrepShipHub is your all-in-one 3PL solution with a variety of well-designed modules to meet all needs. Collectively, these modules help you to deliver a consistently excellent customer experience and to streamline many aspects of warehouse management. Our integrated warehouse management system, or WMS, offers a full array of solutions that you need to manage product arrivals and shipping practices. Whether you have one warehouse location or several, PrepShipHub’s solution delivers the full range of features that you need. Item Location Assignment and Management has never been so easy.

Customizable Module

Through our customizable module, you can conveniently and quickly create different warehouse locations. For each location, you can easily incorporate product data for that location upfront, and you can manage inventory at that location with accuracy. Our 3PL solution enables you to assign incoming products to specific locations based on the in-stock inventory at the time and other relevant factors. This enables you to more efficiently manage the availability of items in your clients’ inventories. More than that, our solution’s functionality includes creating and printing labels, selecting the appropriate warehouse to fulfill each order and more.

Location Assignment and Management

Desired Inventory Level

Managing inventories at each warehouse location is undeniably challenging, but it is essential for optimized warehouse management and fast order processing. Our solution with location assignment and management smooths the way for more efficient processes and more precise inventory tracking. Through our solution, you can better maintain desired inventory levels and ensure that orders are processed in the most efficient manner possible. Our team at PrepShipHub will happily answer all of your questions about our solution’s warehouse management system so that you can make a well-informed decision about this aspect of business management.