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Achieving peak operational efficiency is essential for the optimized performance of your fulfillment center. Unfortunately, challenges related to keeping up with product tracking, warehouse management, shipping practices and more are common. Inefficiencies with order processing and other activities can bog down operations. At PrepShipHub, we are a 3PL solution that empowers you to increase efficiency and improve your operations through automation.

Specifically, we offer all of the benefits of 3PL services in a comprehensive, cloud-based software solution. Our solution covers critical areas like warehouse location assignment and management, multipoint item tracking and status updates, and boxing and shipping management. What can PrepShipHub do for you?

Categorize Inventory Management

Location Assignment and Management

Multipoint Item Tracking And Status Update

Boxing And Shipping Management

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We create individual software tailored to your needs.

Categorized Inventory Management

Your business is your primary concern. Our SaaS gives you the ideal support to grow your business quickly without leaving any of the quality behind. You want your customers taken care of, and you need to manage the organizational flow on a larger scale quickly.

Location Assignment and Management

PrepShipHub is your all-in-one 3PL solution with a variety of well-designed modules to meet all needs. Collectively, these modules help you to deliver a consistently excellent customer experience and to streamline many aspects of warehouse management.

Multipoint Item Tracking And Status Update

At PrepShipHub, we eliminate the inefficiencies associated with constantly providing e-commerce clients with status updates through a multi-step chain of communications by automating the entire tracking process.

Boxing & Shipping Management

PrepShipHub empowers you to take full control over this important aspect of your services through a robust range of features.

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We use deep learning to make our software data-driven.
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